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Our Vision

"W. Giertsen Energy Solutions’ vision is to enrich and enhance the lives of the people and communities in which we operate by providing the highest quality renewable energy solutions at an affordable price."

Our Story

Founded in Bergen, Norway in 1875, W. Giertsen Energy Solutions (WGES) is part of the W. Giertsen Group. We have been providing solutions to the humanitarian and development sector for over 40 years.  Recently, we have further focused our efforts into the Commercial and Industrial sectors.


Our Way of Working

Our key product and service areas are focused around energy, cooling, and water. In addition, product development has been in the forefront of our strategy over the years, where we have invested a lot of resources.

Where the sun go, we go. Unfortunately many of areas in the world are without, or have extremely limited, access to electricity. We aim to change this. Did you know that access to electricity is positively correlated to a growing economy?

We understand our customers stakeholders are dispersely located. Therefore, an online monitoring systems allows for 24/7 access to all the latest stats on the project - including energy yield, cost and CO2 savings.